Seidr helps you Sense & Shape
the future.

Seidr is an Olde Norse word meaning to sense and shape the future. We create digital tabletop exercises to learn, plan and validate.

We work with specialised militaries, law enforcement agencies, government departments and private industry to test and exercise plans and assumptions at multiple levels of an organisation, in-house or remotely.

Proven methodology
to simulate reality.

Over a decade of decision-making research goes into our design and delivery. Sense what is happening and shape what you want to happen. While the scenarios are synthetic, the learning is deep and the outcomes real.

Media-rich, data-driven, storytelling.

We create and orchestrate three key areas of exercise design. Information flow. Response capability. Environment (inc. time). Dynamically phased to simulate events that trigger the senses and shape your thinking.

Multi-domain experience.

We have delivered globally to top-tier organisations with a broad range of needs and objectives. From in-the-room large audience exercises to international virtual programmes we have you covered.